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Natural Erosion at Rossbeigh

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No it’s not quite Armageddon yet, but Rossbeigh Beach is getting shorter. Back in 2008, 1200ft of our Sand dunes disappeared into the sea.The Rossbeigh Strand Tower, which has been a landmark to Castlemaine Harbour for over 100 years will be washed away in years to come. Getting to see this landmark and taking a picture, might be a collector item to tower enthusiasts of the future, but it will be a shame when it goes.

Homes in areas such as Incharee and Dooks could now be under a real threat as the sand dunes had acted as a natural barrier from the open Atlantic.

Coastal erosion is a natural phenomenon, and the way the current and winds rush into Dingle Bay is causing Inch Beach to get longer and sandier and Rossbeigh to get smaller. In 50 years, if nothing is done many of the rolling sand dunes will be taken by the Atlantic. It’s too late to rectify what has been done already and if action is taken now more of the beach could be saved.

Surprisingly there is not coastal protection conservation group in Ireland. We do have Coast Care with is funded by An Taisce and they do an fantastic job when they can. Marram grass planting and other dune management practices are in particular what Rossbeigh needs.

The County Council in recent years put in 4 million into Inch Beach and are now broke! The money won’t be there over the next few years and there are a number of groups lobbying for coastal conservation.

Next time you bring your wee ones for a run and a play in the sand dune tell them to appreciate it as when they return with their kids the landscape will be completely different.

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